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Recommended Books on Discipleship

This book is designed to help individuals grow in their relationship with God through an intentional discipleship process. This experience will lead you through a natural progression of decisions and life choices that will help move you into a growing discipleship walk with God.

Steps to Discipleship integrates eight Sabbath sermons with seven weeks of daily devotional study, relational Bible reading, scripture memorization, time in reflection, and prayer. A whole church strategy, Steps to Discipleship helps us recognize we are not alone on the spiritual journey.

This includes:
• Pastor's Manual – everything you need to lead, including sermons, sermon outlines, and implementation guides
• Small Group Leader's Guide – a resource for group study and discussion
• Study Guide – the main resource for church members’ seven-week daily devotional study • Promotional Package – includes a promotional brochure, postcard, 3-minute testimonial and 10-minute overview, information sheet, and promotional article
• Additional Resources – sermon transcripts and PowerPoint files

Well organized and readily accessible, The Complete Book of Discipleship pulls together into one convenient, comprehensive volume relevant topics to discipleship such as:
• Spiritual growth • Transformation • Spiritual disciplines • Discipleship in the local church and beyond

This book lays out what a biblical disciple of Christ looks like and how the church can create an environment geared toward making disciples and helping its people grow in spiritual maturity.

Have you answered the call to discipleship? Author Bertram L. Melbourne, Ph.D., has written a clear introductory volume to the ways of discipleship. By examining the relationship between Jesus and His first disciples as found in the Gospels, Melbourne reveals contemporary insights for all followers of Christ today.

Christian discipleship is many-faceted. It is a process of personal development that seeks a lifestyle patterned after Jesus' life. Disciples are learners and followers. They take risks, succeed, and fail, but the true success of discipleship depends on the relationship between a disciple and Christ. "Essentially then, Christian discipleship seeks to teach followers of Jesus of Nazareth how to sit at His feet as Mary did so as to become equipped to disciple others.

"...Discipling and discipleship are not easy tasks."

"The greatest hindrance to discipleship is self in all its aspects." May you answer the call to take Jesus' yoke upon you and learn of Him, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

The common denominator in the Bible for the mission of the church is Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28, “Go and make disciple of all nations, baptizing them..."

The church, as envisioned by Jesus and the apostles, was designed to grow in personal spiritual development and in numbers of converts. In New Testament times the organizational patterns were based on the discovery and use of the spiritual gifts of members.

Is your church still using that model?

From Spectators to Disciples will take you or your church leadership team (board of elders, church board, or strategic planning committee) through a process that will lead to the adoption of the New Testament model.

You will learn from the following chapters:
* Building a Growth-Oriented Philosophy
* Discipleship is a Verb!
* Developing an infrastructure for Growth
* Basic Principles for Growth
* Church Styles and Personalities

Packed with useful surveys, helpful diagrams, and group assignments, From Spectators to Disciples will challenge your church to involve every member in ministry!

The Cost of Discipleship is a compelling statement of the demands of sacrifice and ethical consistency from a man whose life and thought were exemplary articulations of a new type of leadership inspired by the Gospel, and imbued with the spirit of Christian humanism and a creative sense of civic duty.

Making disciples―helping people to trust and follow Jesus―is the church’s God-given mandate. Devoted disciples attract people outside the church because of the change others see in their Christ-like lives. And discipleship empowers Christians to be more like Christ as they intentionally develop relationship with non-believers.

DiscipleShift walks you through five key “shifts” that churches must make to refocus on the biblical mission of discipleship. These intentional changes will attract the world and empower your church members to be salt and light in their communities.

There is no higher calling than to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Nothing compares to knowing and following the Savior of the world. To know Him is to love Him, and to follow Him is a wonderful adventure. Still, the discipleship journey is full of pitfalls and snares that threaten to lead us away from the narrow path that leads to heaven. If the devil had his way, every Christian would be lulled to spiritual slumber or led into forbid­den paths that would steal the heart away from God. Therefore, even after we are baptized, it is imperative that we continue to grow into active and mature disciples of Christ.

The Discipleship Handbook will benefit anyone seeking such an experience with Jesus. It may be used for personal study or in Sabbath schools, prayer meetings, small groups, or one-on-one settings. It is more than a book about discipleship. Rather, it contains everything needed for a six-month, Bible-based discipleship plan for Seventh-day Adventist churches and their members. The Discipleship Handbook was developed to ensure that the most essential areas of discipleship are covered. The devotional life, personal witnessing, church life, Christian lifestyle, and evangelism each receive special emphasis.

For newer members, the 26 chapters of the Discipleship Handbook serve as the heart of 26 weekly meetings with a more experienced mentor.

As a companion to the Discipleship Handbook, the Mentor’s Guide provides one-page outlines for conducting 26 weekly meetings with the mentee, discussion questions for each Discipleship Handbook chapter, and steps to integrate new members into the life and mission of the church.

The initiative of Total Member Involvement follows the commission of Jesus so that each believer "goes to the whole world ..."

More than simply a call to serve, this book presents simple and practical ways for each member to enlist as a worker for God, whether it is on the other side of the ocean or on the other side of the street.

Join the beloved pastor and evangelist Alejandro Bullón, in urging each member to commit wholeheartedly with their personal participation in this global movement that will lead to the soon return of Christ.

"Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. The He bade them, 'Follow Me.'" . . . "Accompanied by the power of persuasion, the power of prayer, the power of the love of God, this work will not, cannot, be without fruit" (The Ministry of Healing, pp. 143, 144).

Using the above quote as the basis for his book, Dr. Philip Samaan focuses on six progressive steps Christ used in witnessing. He shows how we can, through an intimate relationship with Him, follow this pattern to bring God's love, compassion, and transformation to those around us. As you read, you'll discover listening skills that will enable you to express sympathy and detect people's felt and real needs. You'll learn how to develop meaningful, unconditional friendships that create trust and a yearning to associated with Jesus. And you'll gain helpful ideas on how to share you personal testimony, use intercessory prayer, and impart biblical truth.

Christ's Method will help free you of any anxiety you might have about witnessing, and enable you to find the joy, spontaneity, and success that come only from having a vibrant relationship with Jesus and genuinely loving people. Living out this Method in your spheres of influence will help you impact your family, church, and community for Christ. This book is an updated and expanded version of Christ's Way of Reaching People.

How Did Jesus Make Disciples?

The need of the church today is not merely to win souls, but to make disciples. Adding new converts must be followed up with multiplying fruit-bearing disciples.

How did Jesus transform witnesses into radical disciples who, in turn, reproduced and multiplied themselves through others, thus building up His body in the world?

Christ’s Way of Making Disciples explores the dynamic process and progressive steps of Christ’s strategy for revitalizing our lives, our witness, and our church’s effectiveness.

The iFollow Discipleship Series is a growing library of discipleship topics in a format that can be readily used by small discipleship training groups in churches, as well as by individuals wishing to explore the themes on their own. Read more...

Each and every day teachers show up in their classrooms with a relentless sense of optimism. Despite the complicated challenges of schools, they come to and remain in the profession inspired by a conviction that through education they can move individuals and society to a more promising future.

In Teaching with Heart: Poetry that Speaks to the Courage to Teach a diverse group of ninety teachers describe the complex of emotions and experiences of the teaching life – joy, outrage, heartbreak, hope, commitment and dedication. Each heartfelt commentary is paired with a cherished poem selected by the teacher. The contributors represent a broad array of educators: K-12 teachers, principals, superintendents, college professors, as well as many non-traditional teachers. They range from first year teachers to mid-career veterans to those who have retired after decades in the classroom. They come from inner-city, suburban, charter and private schools.

Youth & Young Adult Resources

Click title to download resource material. Courtesy of the General Conference Youth Ministries Department ( https://youth.adventist.org/Resources )

Step to Discipleship (Eng) - GC Youth Ministries

Steps to Discipleship is a seven-week journey of constant seeking, study, and self-discovery that will lead to a closer relationship with God. This is not a guide on how to be a good Christian or a step-by-step booklet to better spirituality. There are no magic formulas. There are no shortcuts. These seven weeks will be an intensive and strategic process of seeking a deeper and more meaningful Christian experience. It will involve thought, prayer, study, and most importantly, a dedication and desire to know God better.

Sur Les Pas Des Disciples (Fr) - GC Youth Ministries

‘Sur les pas des disciples’ est un voyage de sept semaines pour la recherche, l’étude et la découverte de soi constantes, qui nous mènera à une étroite communion avec Dieu. Ce document n’est pas un guide pour devenir un bon chrétien ni un livret détaillé pour une vie spirituelle meilleure. On n’y trouve pas de formules magiques ni de raccourcis. Ces sept semaines seront un processus intensif et stratégique de quête d’une expérience chrétienne plus profonde et plus significative. Il s’agira de réflexion, de prière, d’étude et par-dessus tout, de consécration et du désir de mieux connaître Dieu.

Disciples in Action: Relationships (with God), Series 1 - GC Youth Ministries

It’s often believed that being a disciple of Jesus is an “automatic” event. Once you’ve accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, all you have to do is read the Bible and pray and all will be well. Of course, those are imperative to the Christian journey. But how do we read the Bible? How do we pray? How do we best open our hearts and minds so that the Holy Spirit can do His work in us? That’s what Disciples in Action (DIA) is all about!

DIA is built on the Together Growing Fruitful Disciples (TGFD) framework. This framework is the foundation of a discipleship model designed to help us think more clearly and deeply about the spiritual growth and maturity of ourselves and others as disciples of Jesus Christ. It identifies four growth processes around which we believe the disciple’s journey occurs:

• Connecting: Growing in relationship with God, others, and self
• Understanding: Growing in knowledge of Jesus and His teachings
• Ministering: Growing in participation of God’s mission of revelation, reconciliation, and restoration
• Equipping: Growing in the body of Christ by walking alongside other disciples in order to support, nurture, and strengthen in love

All four processes in this model are centered on and accomplished through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Separating these processes may seem artificial, but it does allow us to bring clarity to vital aspects of discipleship that might otherwise be overlooked. In this model, commitments for the growing Christian are articulated for each of the individual processes. within each process, commitments are further divided into key aspects of spiritual growth called indicators. These indicators represent behaviors through which, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can grow and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ. They also represent a lifetime of following Jesus.

Disciples in Action: Identity, Series 2 - GC Youth Ministries

“Who are you? . . . What do you say about yourself?” (John 1:22, NIV). The question “who are you?” goes beyond your name and home address. Though what you see when you look in the mirror can be an introduction and summary of who you are, it is not the whole picture. Learn more...

Disciples in Action: Relationships (with each other), Series 3 - GC Youth Ministries

We have been created in the image of a relational God who is revealed in Scripture as three persons in close communion with each other—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (cf. Matt. 3:16, 17). Human beings bear within them the need and capacity for social connection, for intimate relationships. Learn more...

Disciples in Action: Discipleship, Series 4 - GC Youth Ministries

No one was beneath Jesus’ care. Whether it was a crooked tax collector or a small child, Jesus was careful to attend to the needs of everyone. When His disciples tried to send the children away, Jesus rebuked them. He embraced the children and put His hands on them, showing His love and concern for each of them. Our churches and communities are full of children and young people who need to be discipled and mentored as well. As Christians, we can show our love to these children, guiding them in a maturing relationship with Jesus. Learn more...

Disciples in Action: Witnessing, Series 5 - GC Youth Ministries

Many Christians are sometimes hesitant to share their faith with people outside of the church. Discipleship assists in overcoming that hesitation. Reaching beyond the church doors is essential in discipleship. Learn more...

Digital Discipleship/ Evangelism

Disicpleship Through Social Media

Most young people (and adults, too) spend significant time on social media. Thus, efforts should be made to reach them for Christ. Visit www.SDAdata.org to learn more about digital discipleship/evangelism.