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Janice Maitland

Former Principal, Guidance Counsellor and Superintendent of Schools

Seminar: Discipling or Disciplining? [ 1 ]

Overview: Have you ever found yourself spending more time disciplining rather than discipling the children of your church? Do you even know how to disciple children? This seminar expands the definition of education leaders to include a different model from that of traditional discipleship.

Kingsley Hurlington

PhD. (ABD), Educator

Seminar: From Strength to Strength [ 1 ]

Overview: Focusing on our strengths is hard! Educators often pass their negative thinking on to their students. The spiral of negative thinking can only be disrupted by maintaining a focus on our strengths and abilities that come from God, who is willing to equip us for a great work.

NOTE: Numbers [ 1, 2 ] indicate number of seminars in each track.