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Clifmond Shameerudeen

Director, Center for South Asian Religions (CSAR), General Conference

Seminar: Discipling Hindus to Jesus Christ [ 1 ]

Overview: How do I start talking about Jesus with my Hindu friends? Jesus Christ gave us a model that works with Hindus. Learn a new model of witnessing to your Hindu neighbours.

Seminar: Reaching the Hindu Mind [ 1 ]

Overview: Hindus come from an Eastern worldview and have their own sacred writings. Is there any evidence of the One and Only God in their sacred writings or culture? If, so, how can we use their sacred writings or cultural practices as bridges to lead them to Jesus Christ?

Hiram Rester

Pastor, Iowa-Missouri Conference

Seminar: Public Evangelism: “Powered-Weekend Evangelism” [ 1 ]

Overview: Seventh-day Adventist Christians have a passion for sharing the love of Christ with others. In this session, learn ways to reach people from different backgrounds, how to get them to church and build relationships that help them stay.

NOTE: Numbers [ 1, 2 ] indicate number of seminars in each track.